Vol.9 Kunanon Suebjarkkosee

2018-12-04 15:32:00
His name is Kunanon Suebjarkkosee, a cute boy from Thailand. He is young and shy, at the age of 18-year-old. Now he is studying at Tianjin International Chinese College. The relationship between he and Chinese language is very interesting. When he started to learn Chinese in Thai schools, he once scored 0 points from his teacher. Naturally, he hated Chinese language at that time. Fortunately, his attitude towards Chinese language has been changed gradually since he came to our college. His passionate teachers and classmates help him a lot. 

He likes to travel around, although he has not been any Chinese cities yet, he plans to visit Beijing with his friends before this semester ends. In the winter vacation, he will go back to his hometown—Bangkok. His dream is to be an engineer in Bangkok. Due to there are many Chinese enterprises located in Thailand, Chinese language plays a very important role in trade and daily communication. That is why Kunanon decides to learn Chinese in Tianjin. He loves music very much. He usually goes back to the accommodation and plays his guitar after finishing his Chinese learning.

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