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26   2020-09-21

Vol.261 整齐 (neat)

“整齐” describes a state in which everything is in perfect order. In China, there is a special activity called "military t...
24   2020-09-19

Vol.260 餐厅 (restaurant)

"餐厅" is a house that provides food, drink, or other food and beverage for the general public. It can refer to large dini...
31   2020-09-17

Vol.259 小伙子 (lad)

"小伙子" is a unique Chinese appellation, which is generally used by older people to address strange young men. In China, t...
28   2020-09-16

Vol.258 放松 (relax)

After a day of study and work, the first thing most people think of is to relax. So how can you effectively relax yourse...
29   2020-09-15

Vol.257 橡皮 (eraser)

Eraser is a kind of stationery which can erase the writing of pencils. It can erase the writing of pencils. It is a very...
28   2020-09-14

Vol.256 火 (fire)

The word "火" seems like a very simple word, but why is it included in HSK level 4 vocabulary? This is because it has&nbs...
28   2020-09-11

Vol.255 单调 (dull)

The word "单调" means simple, repetitive, and lacking in variation. Generally speaking, "单调" is used to describe the dull ...
Tomorrow is Teachers' Day in China, we wish all the teachers a happy Teachers' Day! It has been 35 years since The date ...
64   2020-09-09

Vol.253 亲戚 (relatives)

Relatives are people who are related by blood or marriage, but do not include family members, such as mom & dad...
66   2020-09-08

Vol.252 白露 (white dew)

Sep. 7 is the "white dew" solar term in China's 24 solar terms. White dew is an important solar term reflectin...

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