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24   2020-06-18

Vol.198 唱歌 (sing a sang)

Recently on youtube, there is a very popular song called "一剪梅 (yī jiǎn méi)". If you are not familiar with the titl...
21   2020-06-17

Vol.197 习俗 (custom)

Custom is a very interesting cultural habit, the traditional customs of each country are very different. Chinese tr...
19   2020-06-16

Vol.196 葡萄 (grape)

Grape is a very common fruit in our life, and it has high nutritional value. There is a substance in grape skin that can...
E-mail was born in 1971, and has gone through 49 years of history. With the development of network technology, e-ma...
As we all know, football is the most influential sport, it is also known as "the world's 1st sport". Affected by th...
28   2020-06-12

Vol.193 护照 (passport)

When you want to travel abroad, work, or study, the most indispensable document is the passport. A passport is a legal d...
26   2020-06-11

Vol.192 胆小鬼 (coward)

A coward is someone who has very little guts. I'm just a coward. For example, I'm so scared to watch horror movies. Even...
24   2020-06-10

Vol.191 害羞 (shy)

Shyness is often used to describe a state of reserve and anxiety. It is often used with "introversion" to describe a per...
30   2020-06-09

Vol.190 裙子 (skirt)

The skirt is a very common dress in life. It has many types, including dresses, long skirts, A-line skirts and so on. Sk...
28   2020-06-08

Vol.189 首都 (capital)

The capital is a name for a national political center. In the history of China, many cities have become the capital of C...

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