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12   2020-07-21

Vol.218 国王 (king)

What comes to mind when you think of the word king? Queen Elizabeth II should be on many people's minds at first. It's b...
Entertainment is the activity and thing that can make people feel happy. Both students and office workers like weekends ...
8   2020-07-17

Vol.216 筷子 (chopsticks)

Chopsticks are usually made of wood, bamboo, metal and other materials. It is a traditional dining tool for Chinese peop...
12   2020-07-16

Vol.215 渴 (thirsty)

When you're walking outside in the summer and you're often thirsty, you offer to drink. But some people never feel thirs...
21   2020-07-15

Vol.214 公园 (park)

A park is a public area for the public to rest and play. There are many famous and unique large parks in the world....
23   2020-07-14

Vol.213 备份 (backup)

With the development of science and technology, more and more people use computers to work. Computer office provides gre...
21   2020-07-13

Vol.212 飞翔 (fly)

Since long ago, human began to imagine if they could fly in the sky like birds. The mechanical dove invented by the anci...
24   2020-07-10

Vol.211 躺 (lie)

"躺" (tǎng)  is a very common action. Modern young people seem to like to lie down. When it comes to Saturday a...
19   2020-07-09

Vol.210 城市 (city)

There are many famous cities in this world. For example, Beijing, Shanghai in China, New York, San Francisco in the Unit...
23   2020-07-08

Vol.209 作文 (composition)

Today is the first day of China's College Entrance Examination. Due to the epidemic, the exam which started on June 7 wa...

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