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415   2018-09-03

University Introduction Sticky

Study in China ---How to Apply for A Chinese University Learning abroad is a good opportunity to broaden horizons,enrich...
When they talk about Chinese food, they are excited to say that Mala Tang is their favorite food. They will find time to...
These girls are Su Yuzhen, Zhang Meiyu, Ding Yun, Lin Biao, Lin Baidan, Lin Lin and Bai Fan from Thailand. They have be...
203   2019-01-29

Vol.6 套路 (Tricks)

206   2019-01-15

Vol.4 超神 (legendary)

197   2018-12-25

Vol.3 补刀 (Last Hit)

291   2018-12-14


This man is called KASULE FAIZO. And he also has a Chinese name--丰凯(fēng kǎi). He comes from Uganda, and he is 28-year-...
226   2018-12-10

Vol.10 Roger

This handsome man called Roger and he comes from Lebanon. Now he has lived in China for eight months. Due to his major...

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