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221   2018-09-03

University Introduction Sticky

Study in China ---How to Apply for A Chinese University Learning abroad is a good opportunity to broaden horizons,enrich...
253   2018-09-05

Vol.2 Short-term Rental

Apart from some ticketing Apps, homestay is a good option for travelers to feel local customs and characteristics in-dep...
186   2018-09-03

No.2 The Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University
187   2018-09-03

No.1 The Peking University

Peking University
178   2018-09-03

Passing the Customs

When you have already claimed your luggage and prepared for entry, these Chinese languages may help you. Please notice...
2018 is the 5th anniversary of the “Belt and Road Initiative”.
250   2018-09-02

Vol.1 Pre-order A Hotel Room

If you want to have an economic and convenience trip in China, the first step is to choose an appropriate accommodation.
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